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Book a dj now with your free time before your date is taken!

Why it’s an important time to book a dj!


Covid-19 in Phoenix, AZ and The United States in regards to booking a dj now

It’s currently a great time to book a dj. The world has been flipped upside down with the emergence of Covid-19. Arizona Governor Ducey has cancelled gatherings of more than 50 people for the next 8 weeks. The CDC reduced that number to 10 for Seattle, and the President is suggesting that for the whole country right now. It seems like further containment orders are being put in place every time we check the news. This has had a particularly negative impact on the event industry as you might imagine. Major events like Coachella, SXSW, Ultra, and even Glastonbury have had to cancel or postpone.

A few reasons why now is the time to book a dj

1. Your Wedding Date

Not just major events have had setbacks. This is the busiest time of the year for weddings in the Phoenix, AZ area and there are countless couples looking to move wedding dates to fall, the holiday season, or even 2021. This is gonna make the year following this summer the absolute busiest year we’ve ever had. We have already successfully found solutions for a number of clients this has affected and it seems like it’s just the beginning for many spring clients. Look, I don’t wanna cause panic, but if you are planning to have a wedding in the next year it’s time to book a dj or the best ones might not be available. This is going to become more of an obstacle by the day right now if you haven’t considered this yet! Secure your wedding date before it’s too late!

2. What to do with your free time

If you are following the recommendations like me, you are going to have quite a bit of time to tackle major projects you might not otherwise have much time for. Wedding planning is that project for many people, and we anticipate this to be an incredibly busy time as a lot of people try and book a dj. 

3. Do it from home

With technology being what it is today, we can setup a meeting from home easily. I even have a home studio and can actually show you the equipment and lighting as we have a conversation. All our brochures, proposals, contracts, payments, and planning forms are digital on a client file system called honeybook that is mobile friendly. It’s a super convenient way to book a dj. 

4. Support local small businesses

Of course we are a local small business that would love your support. We also believe in supporting other local small businesses and have a special offer for any clients that book while we are still advised to keep public gatherings to 10 people or less. If you book your wedding prior to the lifting of the 10 person or less ban, we will give you a $50 gift card to your favorite local small business. This deal is time sensitive, so act now!

5. Wedding Dj Specials

We have done a few bridal shows recently, and are going to continue to honor our bridal show discounts for the unforeseeable future. Substantial discounts for non-peak dates and other custom fit deals are available if you reach out to us! It might change in time, so don’t sleep on this one either, but it’ll last more than a couple weeks for sure.

In summary

We are going to make it through this crisis and I believe we will be stronger than ever. Now is the perfect time to get some wedding planning taken care of with your free time. A lot of the best dates are in much higher demand than normal. If you book with us, you can do it from home with simplicity. It’s a great time to support small businesses and we are offering a $50 gift card to a small business of your choosing as a Covid lockdown bonus. On top of that, special bridal show discounts are available. All of these details lining up, really do make it a great time to book a dj for your wedding.

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