Our event lighting options can transform the ambiance in a ballroom, backyard, or basically anywhere for your wedding, corporate event or gathering. Battery powered uplights can light up palm trees, or paint an uneventful wall. Our dj booth facade and nightclub lighting are like a miniature version of a concert lighting setup perfect for events up to 300+. Our projector can be used to brand your event with a personalized monogram of your names or logo… or pretty much anything we can creatively imagine. Ask how we can help light up your event!

Lighting Services Include:

DJ Booth Facade

A dj booth facade turns an ordinary dj table into an interactive part of the dance floor or reception area. The lights behind the facade can be whatever color you like during cocktails or dinner, and then activate with the music once the dance party begins.


Once the sun goes down, uplights add texture to ordinary walls, the same way curtains would in the day time. Our uplights can be one color, or with certain packages sync wirelessly with the lights on the dj booth facade when booked together. They can be one static color during dinner, and sync up to the beat of the music once the dance party begins!

Nightclub Lighting
& technician

Add 2 illuminated totems with moving head lights controlled by a lighting specialist. Lights can be mellow and add to ambiance during dinner, bring a spotlight/backlighting for your first dance, and make the party go off when the beat drops! (best when paired with dj booth facade and uplighting as they are all controllable together)

Custom Monogram

A custom monogram or logo projected on the wall really adds your unique touch to any venue. Classic monograms have been popular for a while now and look great in pictures. The latest trend are animated monograms that loop throughout the evening making the decorative wall design come to life. There are hundreds of designs to choose from! Click on the button below to check out the patterns you can choose from!

Disco Ball

16″ Vintage Omega disco ball rotating on a slim profile stand. Doesn’t need to be installed on the ceiling, but still creates that classic disco ball feel.

Haze Lighting

Put water based haze in the air to make the lighting really pop like at a concert or music festival. (must confirm with venue prior too booking. Doesn’t have as much effect outdoors)

Pinspot Lighting

Pinspot lighting can highlight the cake, head table, floral arrangements or anything really. These are magnetic and battery powered so they can be placed creatively. Venue logistics should be looked into upon booking to see if it’s an option for your venue.

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