Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most popular questions from hundreds of past wedding and event clients we have served.

Pricing varies a bit depending on type of event, number of hours, types of services, lighting and other services offered. For a wedding, pricing starts at $1600 currently. Most clients can cover the whole wedding plus ceremony and maybe even add a photo booth for under $2500. Lighting and other add ons can increase the cost, but add a lot of value if you want the party to be next level. For private parties and corporate events that don’t require as much planning, MC’ing or equipment the price can be different on a case by case basis.

We do require a 50% deposit as the fee for booking a date. A contract protects us both in the event things don’t work out as planned. If you want to lock in the date but need a bit more time for the deposit, we can accept part of the deposit upon signing the contract, with a couple payments spread across the next month if needed. The full amount is due 45 days prior to the event date, unless the event is being booked closer to the event date. 

We use a music planning app that allows you to import songs from your playlist for specific moments (ceremony, 1st dance, etc) and portions of the evening (cocktail, dinner, dancing). We have curated sample playlists to help with anything you might need song ideas for. Also, you don’t need to make a playlist to add songs, but some of our clients have already been working on their playlist before they find us.

Every event is different, but for a wedding we usually aim for 2 hours prior if we are providing a full service. All set up and breakdown times are included in the price of a DJ package, along with an initial consultation, a planning call to go over all the details closer to the wedding, and any other communications that might transpire over that time period.

Typically, providing sound/mics for the ceremony does not require the DJ to be in attendance for the rehearsal. All we really need is the songs, and a basic cue like the flower girl before we switch the song for the bride. If you have an officiant & a coordinator they will usually be directing the flow of the ceremony. If you are doing something more elaborate, we can check if your DJ is available for the rehearsal for an additional fee.

All of our DJs are skilled and talented Djs, fun personalities on the mic, and also experienced with production & lighting. All of us have DJ’d nightlife events, in addition to any other number of things within the industry. Our DJs aren’t only wedding or private event DJs… They are artistically talented and great people! Our ‘about’ page has more info if you want to choose your favorite, or we can select the best fit for your event based off availability & how experienced they are with your particular style.

In the off chance your DJ gets drafted to the military, or some other unavoidable obstacle, someone else on our team may be able to step right in. If not we have a network of colleagues that may be able to help. If none of these options are suitable, we would refund your payments if you chose to find your own replacement. We take your event very seriously and know how important it is, so it would take something pretty major for one of us not to follow through with our plan, but it’s always good to be prepared just in cas

There is actually a place in our planning app for you to specify if you have a preference on this subject. Some of our clients want full control over what is played, while others trust that their guests requests will make the party even better. A lot of our clients allow for professional judgement to choose whether a request works with the overall vision or not. 

This is entirely up to you. Often times since the Dj is one of the first to arrive and last to leave they are usually fed at events, but if not just let us know so we can plan accordingly. 

As far as tipping goes, gratuity is not included in the final contract. If your DJ goes above and beyond your expectations, 10-15% is generally recommended for wedding vendors.

In addition to our high quality DJ service, we offer forward thinking lighting options, photo booth, and quite a few other services that can help create an amazing experience for you and your guests! Check out the services tab on our website for more info!

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