Additional Event Services

Audio Guestbook

An Audio Guest Book allows you to capture authentic and unfiltered voicemail messages at your event. The audio files will be shared with you after the event, leaving you with vocal memories of all your favorite people on your most important day! Table and LED sign also included.

Silent Disco

Silent Disco is a great option if a sound ordinance kicks in before you want the party to end. This service consists of 1 or more transmitters and a set amount of receivers that needs to be decided in advance of your event. 

Live Instrumentalist

We are currently working with a violinist and a saxophonist that can accompany the dj during the dance party to add a unique energy to the dance floor. They could also provide music for ceremony, cocktail or dinner. Other live instrumentalists may be arranged as well if you inquire about something specific. 

Instagram-able Art Installation

We work with a team of Fine Art builders to create a one of a kind piece of art for your wedding.  Think music festival art pieces. 

These can make for great Instagram-able moments. Let us know if you’re interested and have something personalized in mind, our artist production team may be able to bring it to life! 

Content Creation

We have a skilled visual artist that can create an epic short form video (reel) at your wedding for social media. This isn’t a substitute for a wedding videographer, but is considerably less money and super cool in addition to a wedding photographer and/or videographer.

Planning App

 Our planning app allows you to customize the events of the evening along with songs for specific events, as well as cocktail, dinner and dancing playlist or vibes. You can even invite some of your music savvy friends/family to collaborate on music for the dance party in a super effective way! Ask us how it works if you’d like to learn more!

We offer our planning app to each of our clients, or it could be booked along with consultations if you are using a family friend for music and events at your event and want to make sure you have a solid plan.

CO2 Cannon

Coming Soon!