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First Step

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Every great journey begins with a first step, and that’s what we’re taking right now! I’m excited to see how this develops as all of these ideas I’ve been collecting get their moment to shine, and new ideas emerge for contemplation. I imagine this blog being helpful for many different reasons to many different people. I’m currently focusing the bulk of my dj efforts on weddings, so there will be many helpful tips to guide modern couples as they throw the party of their dreams without getting tripped up by obstacles that aren’t written down in the handbook they give you when you buy your engagement ring… oh wait, that doesn’t exist, does it?! I’ve seen things, and I’ll help you steer clear of common pitfalls if you wanna listen to my oratory. Fellow dj’s will be able to gain some perspective as well I’m sure. Knowing the dj forums, I wouldn’t be surprised to see those paying attention to have differing opinions on occasion and not be afraid to say it… I welcome productive discussion! Corporate clients looking to have a holiday extravaganza, parents of kids having mitzvah’s or birthday parties, and anyone who is interested in a dj’s advice when throwing an event will be able to gain something from the posts that follow. Take comfort in the fact that I am college educated, and have a vocabulary that ranges further than “Everybody put your hands up!” That’s right, I’m also an eagle scout. Growing up in a small town, being a good person was one of the most important things you could do. I’ve also passed level 1 with court of master sommeliers for any wine lovers out there, managed nice restaurants and worked in many areas of hospitality for 20 years. Hospitality background is extremely important for any dj who isn’t tucked away in a dj booth at a nightclub. After all, djing is only part of the job when working with a catering team, a photographer and a wide variety of guests and vendors. Artistic elements like lighting, music strategy, projection and timeline development are other areas I’d love to continue growing. I attend conferences for industry professionals and love furthering my knowledge in any way possible. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona so there might be some location specific things as well. At the end of the day, if I think something is worth putting pen to paper and sharing, you’ll find it here… I hope it finds you well!


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