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Wedding Toast Tips

Wedding Toast Tips

Giving a wedding toast is a special thing! It definitely helps create intimacy between friends and family of the newlyweds, many of whom will be meeting for the first time on wedding day. A wedding toast shouldn’t be as intimidating as public speaking. You are speaking about someone you love, to people who are trying to hear that message… that’s why they came after all. You can talk about how you know them, how they met, a special moment in time, or maybe even a funny moment that helped shape the bond. Ultimately, ending on a positive and having everyone cheers to the newlyweds! I have a much more comprehensive list of wedding toasting tips. I’d be happy to share that as well, but here’s quick list of tips to help the wedding toast go smoothly…

3 tips to make your wedding toast great!

  1. If you plan to have everyone cheers at the end of the wedding toast it’s a great idea to make sure champagne has been poured (or the mc has announced for everyone to make sure their cup isn’t empty before the toast). I’ve definitely seen an over zealous best man or parent run up and want to go right now. Don’t catch the caterer/bartender off guard. A 5 minute announcement is a solid way to make sure everyone who needs to be present is accounted for. 
  2. As a wedding dj, technicalities are always important to share with someone about to give a wedding toast. When holding a microphone, it’s important to hold it somewhere near your mouth. 1-2 inches is a pretty good target. A little further and the dj should still be able to adjust your volume accordingly, but if you hold it by your chest it’ll be hard for anyone to hear. Also, don’t hold the mic like a rapper cupping the top (diaphragm). It might look cool, but it muffles the sound in a way not desirable for normal speaking. Lastly, when figuring out where to stand, anywhere is better than directly in front of a speaker in order to avoid feedback. Your best bet for where to stand is next to the newlyweds. I’d ask the photographer where they prefer to make sure flashes are setup, but ultimately it’s a great photo of you and your favorite person if you can both be in the same frame.
  3. As far as content goes, my toasting tips document is much more thorough on that subject. Basically, be yourself while keeping the overall focus directed towards the newlyweds. Feel free to be funny/serious/etc as your personality would normally be. Keep it family friendly, have a few notecards you can read in dim lighting, and practice ahead of time for best results. A good target length-wise is 2-3 minutes as there may be multiple toasts. Oh, and don’t forget your drink!

Hopefully these tips help as you are planning a wedding toast! If you’d like to read my lengthier document, feel free to fill out my contact form. I’d be happy to share and help you with an amazing wedding toast! Cheers!

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