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Michael Moyer here…owner and primary dj at Custom Fit Dj Services. I’d like to take a moment to tell you how I started dj’ing and explain what makes us unique.

Dj’ing began as a hobby in college after years of collecting music and making mixtapes for parties as a kid. I started out as a dance music dj and only played vinyl. It was my passion! As digital technology caught up, I was able to play songs from my laptop while still mixing like a dance music dj. This opened up my music collection to basically every song ever made, instead of just what I could find at the record store. After successfully dj’ing weddings for friends and word of mouth referrals, I decided to put my effort into becoming a dj that could play more than just the current dance hits or club anthems. I wanted to take into account the music taste of my client, and their guests, and customize the mix of music to fit the different genres and songs that they love with the skill of a dance club dj. Hence the name, Custom Fit Dj Services.

In a world where everyone knows a dj, and most djs play the same thing at every party… Custom Fit Dj provides a unique opportunity to have someone truly experienced hand craft the music for your event to fit with your tastes and the timeline and events of the evening seamlessly. You deserve nothing less! You can be as involved, or free-flowing with music selections as you like and rely on us to fill in the gaps and handle requests at the event in a manner where everything goes smoothly. Custom Fit Dj Services… A perfect fit for the party of your dreams!


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